Lash extensions require a good deal of preparation and aftercare to ensure that they look their best and last as long as possible. One way to ensure great retention is by investing in high-quality products! Here are some essential products that you should consider using for both prep and aftercare in our October beaut é n écessarie box for only $34.99 coming out next month! It’s super adorable and Halloween themed! 


First things first, there are a few important steps to follow to ensure a successful and comfortable experience for your clients. One of the most crucial steps is ensuring that your client's lashes are thoroughly cleaned and free of any makeup or debris before laying down the gel pads and starting the application process.

Lash Pads
The gel pad not only helps to keep the bottom lashes in place, but it also provides a barrier between the eye area and any adhesive that may be used during the application process. This helps to prevent any irritation or discomfort to the delicate skin around the eyes.It also adds in some much-needed moisture around the eye area!

To apply the gel pad, start by cleansing the eye area and drying the face thoroughly. Gently place it underneath the eye, making sure to cover the bottom lashes. Press down lightly to ensure it sticks to the skin. Never place it too close to their waterline as it can cause irritation.

Sensitive Tape

After placing the gel pads, you’ll want to tape down the bottom lashes using sensitive tape to make sure they don’t budge and get glued to the extensions. When it comes to choosing the right tape, it's important to opt for a product that is gentle on the skin. Our sensitive tape is designed to be soft and pliable, so it won't tug or pull at delicate skin around the eye area.

You can also use it for taping methods such as pulling up the eyelids. Plus, with its orange and black color scheme, it's perfect for Halloween vibes!


Our pumpkin scented primer smells soo yummy! The purpose of this primer is to prepare the natural lashes before applying the extensions. It is designed to eliminate any oils, dirt, or makeup residue from the lashes, ensuring that the adhesive bonds well to the natural lashes. You’ll want to use this on your oily clients! By starting with a clean canvas, you can guarantee that your extensions will be long-lasting

Simply apply a small amount onto a clean microbrush and gently brush it onto the natural lashes. Wait for a few seconds for it to dry before applying the extensions. You'll notice that the adhesive will bond much better to the lashes!


Aftercare is just as important as the prep work that goes into getting lash extensions. It's a team effort between the client and the lash artist to ensure that the lashes stay beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. Here are two aftercare products you’ll need for the end of application and to include in your aftercare kits!

Our pumpkin superbonder is designed to cure the glue instantly instead of waiting 24 hours and can boost retention by up to 30%. The key benefit of using superbonder is that by ensuring that the glue cures faster and more securely, you can avoid issues like shedding or premature fallout. It also locks in any lingering fumes from the adhesive. Your clients can immediately get their lashes wet,

Two minutes after you’ve placed your last fan, apply a drop onto a microbrush for each eye. Apply the bonder onto the base of the lash extensions where the adhesive bonds and fan dry. Watch your retention game change after using it!

Lash shampoo packets
Lash shampoo is a crucial part of any lash artist's aftercare kit. Not only does it help to keep lashes clean and free of any buildup, but it can also extend the life of lash extensions. By including these lash shampoo packets in aftercare kits, clients can easily refill their own bottles and maintain the cleanliness of their lashes.

Our pumpkin shampoo is specially formulated to be gentle on the eyes and lashes, and it is designed to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup residue that may accumulate on the lashes over time.

Investing in these  products will not only help you achieve great results, but it will also help to ensure that your clients are happy with their retention and keep coming back for more. Remember, happy clients are the key to a successful business! Don’t miss out on our October subscription box for this month only ! You might even be some free goodies with it! ;)

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