HIII BABES! This week’s blog post is all about a recap of our CAFE ELAN TOUR where we visited NEVADA & ARIZONA!! Our most successful tour yet! We had sooo much fun getting to meet and talk to all of you sweet girls and some of our ambassadors <3

Every tour that we’ve had this year, we learn something new every time to improve for the next. This tour went by so smoothly and the only problem we had was that we ran out of bags towards the end because we underestimated how many people would actually show up! You guys definitely surprised us with all your support.

We visited Las Vegas and Scottsdale. Las Vegas was so lively and definitely a fast paced city! There were so many things to do, places to eat, and so much entertainment. Scottsdale was a more calm and slow paced city. There was so much greenery, rocks, mountains, & cactuses! It was a beautiful site to see and perfect to chill and relax but there was still some lively entertainment. We for sure would want to come back for another tour!!! :) 



Here is our exclusive menu for the tour. The theme was ice cream themed and we were stocked with so many sweet goodies! This year’s tour was all food themed. 

We have never sold out of so many items before. You guys sold us out on ALL of the lash tiles and cashmere mink big boi trays - those are always a top favorite! We also sold out of our e03 and e06 tweezers, jasmine gelato remover, pink colored gel pads, and our purple majesty, brown sugar boba, and firecracker color trays. But don’t worry, we have a limited amount of all the tour items available up on our website. RUN, DON’T WALK before they’re all gone!! 


We wanted to do something fun and cute for our tour giveaway. We made the cutest pink sunglasses for customers to put on and take a picture with their goodies. We will gather all the pictures into a video and whoever it lands on will be the lucky winner getting a basket of our tour items! Keep a look out for the winner that we will be posting on our TikTok page! 


Of course, you know we had to bring our rainbow spinning wheel for a chance to win a free color tray and up to 15% off your whole order. This is always so fun to spin!!!



For the first ten people in line, we wanted to give a little gift bag including some mini trays, color trays, concentrates, and gel pads. We also gave everyone some stickers, cookies, and a free tray to show appreciation <3 When we arrived at both locations, there were already people lined up at the door! Some said that they came almost 2 hours early to get some goodies! AHHH we love you guys so much! 



Thank you guys a million times for taking the time to come and visit us! We miss you all already and are so sad that it’s over. We had so much fun in Las Vegas & Scottsdale and you guys really showed out at both cities! You cannot even imagine how grateful we are to have such loving customers and for the amount of support we receive. We hope that we can all meet one day. You guys continue to inspire us and continuously remind us why we love being in this beauty industry <333


GUESS WHAT?! MARK YOUR CALENDAR BABES because we’re going on our LAST tour this year!! We will be going to 3 cities in California October 20-22! October 20th in Merced, 21st in Riverside, and 22nd in San Diego. It’s farmers market themed and you don’t want to miss out on the cutest goodies!! Stay tuned on our instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates coming soon :) We hope to see you guys there!!

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