Are Your Clients Tired Of The Same Black Sets?

Lash Decals Add Some Spice To Your Client’s Lash Extensions And Are A Great Way To Incorporate Creativity To Those Who Might Be Shy To Try Out Color! 

Made From Vinyl Or Holographic Vinyl, They Are Tiny Sticker Designs That Are Super Affordable, Lightweight,And The Perfect Way To Elevate Your Sets.

Decals Are A Must For Birthdays, Holidays, Festivals, Or Whenever Your Clients Are Feeling A Little Bold!

The Options To Choose From Are Endless. From Hearts And Flowers, To Jewels, To Fruits (Yes, You Read That Right!), To Numbers And Letters, Anything You Can Think Of! If Your Clients Are Daring, They Can Even Spell Out A Word Across Their Lashes.

For The Month Of February, They Can Spell Out The Word “LOVE“, Add Their Special Someone’s Initials, Or Add Some Hearts For A Valentine’s Day Set Theme!

You Can Purchase A Variety Of Lash Decals From Our Website Here. We Have Over 40 Fun Options To Choose From! :



We Recommend That You Apply The Decal On The Bottom Layer Of Lashes To Fully Show. Applying It When You’re Done With The Rest Of Your Set Will Make It Easier So It’s Not In The Way When You’re Lashing.

You Can Definitely Apply Multiple Decals On One Lash, Just Make Sure Your Isolation Is On Point And There Are No Stickies!

You Can Also Use Clear Adhesive, But That’s Optional. Applying Sealant To The Decal Once You’re Done Will Help It Last Longer.

There Are Two Ways That You Can Apply Your Decals.

1. Make A Spike With Your Lashes.

Spikes Are Just Closed Fans, Typically Used For Wispy Or Wet Sets. Spikes That Are 2 Or 3mm Longer Than The Rest Of Your Set Will Make Your Decal Pop Out More.

You Can Make A Spike By Grabbing Your Lashes Closer To The Tip When Peeling Off The Strip Without Fanning Them Out.

Wait Until The Spike Is Fully Dry Then Dip It Glue Again, This Time On The Top Half Of The Spike.

Then, Just Tap It Onto The Decal Either On The Top Or Middle Of The Spike So It Sticks, Depending Where You Want Your Decal To Be Placed.

Placement Is Everything So Make Sure The Decal Is Perfectly Applied Before Placing The Spike Onto The Natural Lash.

2. Make A Fan And Apply It To The Natural Lash.

Using Your Tweezer, Pick Up The Decal And Grab A Microbrush Or Lip Applicator To Pick Up Some Adhesive And Apply It Onto The Decal.

Apply The Decal To The Top Or Middle Of The Fan.

It Can Be A Little Tedious Because Of How Small And Lightweight It Is, So It May Require Some Concentration!

There Is A Chance That The Adhesive May Get On Your Tweezers So Its Best To Have Some Tweezer Cleaner Ready Or Use A Pair Of Tweezers You Don’t Really Need.

If You Want To Skip All These Steps, We Also Offer Premade Decal Spikes That You Can Just Easily Apply! You Can Purchase These On Our Website: 



Lash Decals Can Last Up To Three Weeks As Long As They’re Applied Correctly And Clients Follow The Proper Aftercare.

When Brushing Them, They May Get Tugged On Or Stuck On The Brush So Clients Should Only Brush Around The Decal And Not Directly On It.

When Cleansing Their Lashes, They Need To Be Very Gentle.

To Remove The Decals During Your Client’s Next Appointment, Just Remove The Lash Containing The Decal Like You Usually Would With An Outgrown Lash. 

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