Lets talk about specialty curls! These curls are so fun to play with and are not your average curls that we typically use such as C, CC, D, DD! The specialty curls we offer at Elan Beaute are B, J, M, L, and LC. We offer a wide variety of curls so you can easily choose which would be best for your client! 

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to mixing curls! You are not limited to just one. Mixing them adds texture and makes each set unique to each client. 

Choosing the right curl depends on the natural lashes you’re working with. You’ll come across lashes that naturally grow downwards, straight, upwards, or are curly. We’ll go over the difference of each specialty curl and tips for choosing a curl that best suits your client’s eyes.



B curl 
B curl is used for clients who want a soft and natural look but still want that little curl and drama in their lashes. It mimics the appearance of a naturally curled lash. The tips are curled at 50 degrees and typically used for clients who’s lashes grow straight.


J curl 
J curl has the least amount of curl. They give off natural and subtle look. It’s perfect for those who want to elongate or add length to their lashes without that intense curl. It’s suited for those with naturally straight but up-wards pointed lashes. Avoid using it on clients who’s lashes grow downwards as it can make them look sleepy and heavy-lidded.


M curl
M curl is most popular for it’s versatility that is suited for almost every eye shape. It’s a must have to offer to your clients! It gives off that fox-eye look that you’ve probably seen trending on social media. They’re so easy to fan as the base is straight, best adhering to naturally straight lashes and it creates a gorgeous lifting effect. If you have a client that are monolid, hooded, or small eyes, try this curl on them to cover any imperfections! 

L curl 
L curl looks just like the letter! Just like M curl, it has a straight base and curls upward. The only difference is that L curl has a sharper angle of 90 degrees while M curl has a smaller base with a smoother transition. It’s best for clients with monolid, hooded or deep-set eyes and lashes that grow straight or downwards lashes. Avoid using it on clients with curly lashes!

LC curl
LC curl is between a L and C curl. It has a straight base like the L curl but ends with a curve like a C curl. This gives your client the perfect open eye look. Best suited for clients that have hooded, deepset, and droopy eyes as it gives that lifting up effect. Try it on clients who have downwards or straight lashes!

It’s our job to give our clients their desired look so it’s important to always do a consultation before you start! You can explain which curls and styles will best suit their eye shape and this will reassure them they are in good hands and you truly care about them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed since there are so many different curls in the lash world, however getting to know each curl and having a variety of them available will make you stand out as a lash artist!
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