Are you thinking about finally starting your lash business? We are here for you throughout your journey! Don’t know what supplies you need to get started? It’s common to feel overwhelmed when thinking of what supplies to buy as a beginner lash tech. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to kickstart your lashing journey.

Tweezers are one of the top essentials needed to lash! You’ll be constantly using them throughout your whole set. You’ll need two tweezers - one to pick up and apply the lash extensions and one to isolate the natural lashes. 

It’s what holds everything together! Depending on each lash tech, some like glues that dry super quick in 0.5-1 seconds such as our Hot Babe and Flash Girl or they prefer slower drying glues 1-2 seconds such as our Cool Babe and Bat Girl. There’s also the color of the glue to consider. We even have glues that are pink like our Sweet Babe and blue that dries clear like our Aqua Girl. Black is the most common color for most adhesives and there’s also clear glue like our Icy Babe and Invisible Girl which is best for clients with sensitive eyes!

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High Quality Lash Trays

Lash trays are EVERYTHING. There are so many different lash trays to try out. From silk, to cashmere, to mink, to colored! Lashes come in all shapes in sizes, from as short as 3mm, to as long as 30mm! Some will give your clients that light and airy look while some will look dramatic and dark. Our favorite is our Cashmere Mink! It fans like butter, is so fluffy, and gives off that dark lash line look! Having quality trays, will make the job so much easier and is definitely good to invest in. We have a variety of trays that you could shop HERE

Lash Removers
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. While lash removers aren’t used for every service, they’re essential for when clients want to take off their lashes to take a break or have a fresh start. There may be some instances where a client will come to you for a removal due to improper application from another artist. Whatever situation it is, you’ll just need to be prepared and have some on hand! Our lash removers work within 5-10 minutes!

Eye Gel Pads
Gel pads are used to hold down and protect your client’s bottom lashes from getting glued to the lash extensions and to prevent your sharp tweezers from poking their skin. It also makes the experience more comfortable for your clients and it’s like an additional treatment, adding moisture and giving their under eyes a cooling effect! 

Tape is your best friend! It’s used in a variety of ways. After placing the gel pads, you’ll need to tape down your clients bottom lashes that are exposed to prevent their lashes from sticking to the top. This is every lash artists’ nightmare! You’ll use it for pulling your client’s lids back if they have hooded eyes to see the natural lashes better. Our sensitive tape which comes in a variety of colors is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. It’s sticky enough but not enough to tug on the skin!

Lash Tiles
Designed to organize your lash strips, lash tiles are convenient to keep in your lash station. You can keep your lash strips sanitary when using them on your clients by placing a strip from the tray on the tile, making it easier to see all the lengths and to grab hair off it! 

Glue Rings
Glue rings are used to hold your adhesive, reducing the time it takes to dip and place the lash extension before the glue cures. You can even use it to hold your removers to prevent any contamination. Remember! Do not throw your rings in the trash, neutralize it by putting it a bottle filled with water. This is to prevent your glue from catching on fire with anything in your trash!

Mannequin Head
Before actually performing the service on a real person, everyone has first started on a mannequin head. You’ll need it to practice placing gel pads, taping down the lashes, applying and removing the lashes. Practicing on a mannequin head will help you get faster over time and perfect your application and styling. 

Mascara Wands
Using mascara wands, which are miniature combs, throughout your whole appointment will keep the lashes upright and in good shape! It’s so satisfying to brush the lashes! Always make sure to give one to your clients to take with them at the end of their appointment. 

Lip Applicators
Lip applicators are disposable brushes used to wash your client’s lashes during their lash bath. Remember to get in there by getting out all the dirt and oils before starting your set! You can also use it to apply primer, superbonder, and remover. 

Microbrushes are disposable brushes act like a mini Q-tip (lint free and cotton free) and are used to apply primer and superbonder.

Lash Cleanser
Foam cleansers are used to clean the natural lashes, lash extensions, and your clients eyelids from any oils, dirt, and makeup before application. We want a squeaky clean surface before lashing to ensure long lasting retention! 

Lint Free Wipes
These wipes help you wipe your adhesive nozzles everytime you dispense a new drop of glue and burp your nozzle. Since they are lint free, they prevent a fire hazard. Cotton + lash glue = fire. It’s also used for wiping your client’s eyes when they tear up. 

Tweezer Cleaner
Tweezer cleaner comes in clutch when you accidentally get glue on your tweezers, removing it in seconds! Having glue on your tweezers can affect the way it picks up the lashes or fans them. It’s always good to have this near for when you do. 
Airtight Container 
Don’t know where to put your glue? An airtight container solves the issue but it has so many other purposes. These special containers ensures your glue does not dry out and is storaged in a safe, dark, and cool area. Keeping your glue out in extreme temperatures can effect retention!

A handheld fan comes in hand when drying your client’s lashes because who wants to hand dry? That’ll take forever! Fanning the lashes makes them so much more fluffier. With so many cute styles and colors, it gets hard to pick!  

Lash Supplies OrganizerOrganization is key! Having a lash organizer helps you locate all your esstintials during your appointment and is in arm reach. No more rummaging trying to find something in the middle of the appointment. The slots are designed to keep all your tweezers, brushes, eyepads, glue rings, etc. safe! We have tons of organizers for you to choose from here!
If you find the list a bit overwhelming, we also sell training kits that come with all the essentials you’ll need! 

Perfection takes patience and practice. It is okay to struggle and not know certain things. We all start from somewhere and at Elan, we are here to help you start and invest in the best quality supplies! Luckily, we sell all these things. We never want to compromise our relationship with our clients and only want the best for them!

Elan Beaute is here to answer any and all questions. We might even throw in some tips and tricks on our TikTok.. Now get going boss babes and make us proud!!

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