The opportunities are endless when it comes to your lash business - there’s always more room to grow! Now that we’ve perfected our craft, it’s time to go onto the next endeavor! It’s completely normal to feel like big and new decisions are risky, but you’ll never know it unless you try it. At Elan, we’re always rooting for you! Here, we offer some programs that can help expand you expand your business and become the boss babe you’ve always dreamed of!

As a business owner, we’re always asking “what’s next?” Success never means settling to us. Here are 3 ways that you can grow your business as a lash artist, educator, or salon owner!:


Becoming a brand ambassador or getting on a PR list for a lash extension company is a great opportunity for those who want to share their passion with others in the lash community. The impact of word of mouth marketing is massive! You’ll have the chance to promote, grow, and gain more engagement in your business by sharing the love of your favorite products and brands. It benefits both you and the company as they will repost your recommendations and your craft.

Our ambassador program is a non-restrictive affiliation tand amplifies the voices of lash artists who strive to positively impact our lash community! There are over 100+ Elan ambassadors globally! If you love our products and feel like your brand aligns with ours, this program is perfect for you! You’ll have discounts and early access to our monthly exclusives. You also get a code to share with your followers for them to save some money. We’ll feature you on our page, website, and blogs! We love all our ambassadors so much and are so glad to be able to create an authentic community. You are all our cheerleaders!! <3

Our PR program is great for all you lash content creators, especially if you have a big following! We’ll collaborate and offer you early access to our exclusive items that you’ll feature in your content you put out. We pick a couple every month so if you’re interested, don’t be afraid to sign up!!

You can sign up to be an ambassador here or join our PR list here. Tell us all about yourself and what made you fall in love with lashing! We’re so excited to work with you!


Buying your lash supplies in bulk is a cost-effective solution. You’ll lower the cost of your shipping fee by only paying once instead of buying your items every couple of weeks. We understand the cost of starting and maintaining a business. This is why we focus on keeping our prices affordable while maintaining the highest quality so that it’ll be easier on your budget! 

Our wholesale program is great for beauty schools, lash educators, salon owners, personal use, and retailing. You’ll never run out of your favorite items and will be ready for anything! No more running out of glue or the length you’re using in the middle of your appointment! 

Our wholesale program has some great benefits:

  • Complete access to our full inventory
  • Become our exclusive retailer within a 10 mile radius of your business 
  • Authorized retailer certificate + plaque 
  • Listed as official retailer on our “Lash Artist Finder” (LAF) directory

You can join our wholesale program here. If you have any other questions, you can email us at wholesale@elanbeaute.com!

Wholesale order, you must meet the minimum for products or tray sizes. The total of the order should reach either $2500 or $5000 to qualify.

Did you know we are now offering wholesale and bulk order discounts?! We got you babes!!



Retailing your own lash products is another way to increase your revenue! Launching your own line can seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many vendors and manufacturers to choose from, so it’s necessary to do research before making a decision. 


our PRIVATE LABEL SAMPLE BUNDLES are here and they're 🔥! get everything you need to start your own brand at an affordable price. check out the selection under our private label tab and save big! as always if you have questions please email us at privatelabel@elanbeaute.com

bundle includes:
- your choice of adhesive, 1x 0.15d classic lash tray, and 1x 0.03/0.05cc volume lash tray

bundle includes:
- 1x foaming lash shampoo, 1x lash bonder (your choice of standard/higher quality), and 1x lash primer (your choice of standard/higher quality)
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