Welcome to Élan Beauté, your premier destination for lash extension supplies founded in the heart of the Bay Area. We inject a dose of fun and creativity into the world of lash products, offering a diverse array for artists to choose from. We take pride in fostering a vibrant community where lash enthusiasts can find the tools they need to bring their unique visions to life.

Our mission is to cultivate a safe haven for lash entrepreneurs, providing them with an environment where creativity and artistic expression can flourish in this blooming industry. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to producing the highest quality products without breaking the bank! We recognize the dedication and effort entrepreneurs invest in their businesses, and our goal is to make premium lash supplies accessible at an affordable price.

Above all, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We cherish the relationships we build with lash artists and constantly strive to meet their needs. Your success is our success, and at Élan, we promise to go above and beyond to enhance your artistic journey!



We currently have TWO flourishing storefronts in California! Our first store opened in San Jose! We've recently opened our second store in Fountain Valley in June 2023! We warmly invite you to visit both of our stores if you’re ever nearby and immerse yourself in the heavenly experience of lash artistry that Élan Beauté offers. 

San Jose - 909 story rd #135&140, san jose, ca 95122

soft opening hours:

mon-sun 10am-3pm

Fountain Valley - 18663 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

mon-fri 10am-6pm

sat-sun 11am-5pm

Explore the Possibilities with Élan Beauté Programs: Wholesale, Private Label, Ambassador, & PR

At Élan Beauté, we understand that every lash artist, salon owner, beauty supplier, and educator is on a unique journey. That's why we offer a diverse range of programs tailored to cater to your specific needs and aspirations. We believe in creating opportunities that empower and inspire. Explore our programs, apply, and let's shape the future of the lash industry together. Your journey starts here!

Wholesale: Premium Products at Unbeatable Prices

Join our wholesale program and gain access to premium lash products at exceptionally affordable prices when purchasing in bulk. Whether you're a seasoned artist, salon owner, beauty supplier, or educator, Élan Beauté is your trusted partner in elevating your artistry without breaking the bank!

Find more information about our wholesale program here!

Private Label: Launch Your Business with Confidence, Starting at $4

Starting your lash business should be exciting, not daunting. We understand the challenges, and our private label program is here to help you kickstart your journey at an affordable rate – as low as $4. We prioritize transparency and effective communication to ensure a stress-free process. Let us support your vision and bring your lash dreams to life!

Find more information about our private label program here!

Ambassadors: Join a Positive Community Driving Industry Evolution

Become a part of our brand ambassador program, a non-restrictive affiliation that recognizes and amplifies the voices of lash artists making positive impacts. We're on the lookout for individuals who align with our company culture of inclusivity, creativity, dedication, and a shared commitment to the evolution and betterment of the lash industry. Apply now and be a catalyst for positive change!

Join our fam here!


PR: Collaborate and Showcase Your Creativity

Calling all content creators! If you're passionate about showcasing our products through fun and engaging content, our PR program is your platform. We're actively seeking talented lash artists to collaborate with. Share your unique story, style, and lash-loving dreams with us, and let's embark on an exciting journey together. The stage is yours, and we can't wait to see your creativity shine.

Sign up for our PR program here!

Our Best Sellers 

We take pride in offering a curated selection of best-selling lash products that redefine the art of lash extensions.! Elevate your lash game with these high-quality products!

Cashmere Mink: Dark, black, and irresistibly matte, our Cashmere Mink lashes redefine luxury. Impossibly lightweight and soft, these lashes create a stunning eyeliner effect by seamlessly darkening the lash line. Perfect for pinchers!

Satin Mink : Our darkest lashes to date! Satin Mink, surpass the richness of Cashmere Mink and Matte Mink. With a velvety darkness that's easy to fan and effortlessly pulled off the strip, Satin Mink is a must-try for those desiring an even darker lash line and a captivating eyeliner effect. Ideal for pincher lash babes seeking the epitome of intensity.

Velour Mink: Our most luxurious lashes. A matte finish, these lashes offer 20 lines of pure luxuriousness. Similar to Cashmere Mink in fanning, Velour Mink is easy to work with, making it perfect for pinching and various application methods!

Cashmere Mink Color Lashes: Stay on trend with our colored lashes. Explore a spectrum of colors to complement every style and mood. Elevate your artistry with vibrant and expressive lashes that add a pop of personality to your creations.

Babe Adhesives: Choose from clear, black, or pink, with different drying times and scents. Experience the best retention in every application, ensuring your lashes stay in place and look flawless.

GEM Collection Tweezers: Revolutionize your technique with our GEM Collection Tweezers. Featuring fiber tip tweezers that redefine grip, find the sweet spot effortlessly. Say goodbye to loose lashes!

Primer & Bonder: Unleash the power of perfect retention with our Primer & Bonder. This dynamic duo sets the stage for long-lasting lashes, ensuring your creations stay impeccable from application to removal.

Cream Removers: Fast and effective, these removers make the removal process smoother and more comfortable, offering a superior experience for both the artist and the client.

Cafe Élan Tour

We were so eager to connect with our sweet customers face-to-face, we embarked on a thrilling tour across various cities! In March 2023, our journey took us through California, visiting cities from Oakland to Fresno and all the way down to Los Angeles. Our commitment to meeting the lash community extended beyond California, as we joined the LashCon in Anaheim and International Beauty Convention in Las Vegas.

Continuing our adventure, our tour carried us to diverse and lively cities, including Portland, Seattle, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Riverside, Merced, and San Diego. Each stop provided us with the opportunity to personally connect with our community and share our products and passion for lash artistry,, and immerse ourselves in the diverse beauty cultures of these incredible cities.

We look forward to continuing our tour, meeting more of our amazing customers, and spreading the love for lash artistry wherever our journey takes us next!



We wanna thank each and everyone one of you for being part of the Elan community! Without our sweet customers, none of this would have been possible! 

Year after year, we witness the Elan family expanding, and it fills us with joy to see the community grow. Your loyalty and passion inspire us to continually elevate our products and services and we are committed to exceeding your expectations in the year to come. 

Here's to our community, our growth, and the exciting possibilities that the future holds! We love you guys!! 

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