Eyelash Extension Adhesive Is The Most Important Things A Lash Artist Must Have. It Can Either Make Or Break The Set! We Know That Choosing Your Adhesive Can Be Quite Overwhelming At First. We’ve All Been There. Another Lash Artist May Rave About Having The Best Glue In The Market But You Should Know That What May Work For Them, May Not Work For You! This Is Because Of All The Different Components To Consider. You’ll Need To Get The Science Side Of It Down First!

Temperature And Humidity Are Essential For The Longevity Of Eyelash Extensions, As The Adhesive Used To Attach Them Relies On The Proper Environment To Stay Intact. Cyanoacrylate Is The Main Ingredient Found In Most Lash Glues, And It Is Known For Its Strong And Reliable Bond. It Needs To Be Exposed To Moisture In Order To Cure. Let’s Find Out Why They Play An Important Factor In How Your Glue Performs!

Learning How To Properly Store And Care For Your Adhesive Is Also Important In Order For It Last Longer. In This Blog, We’ll Inform You On Some Tips To Help You Avoid Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money On More Adhesives When They’ve Gone Bad Due To Improper Care! Your Clients Will Come Back With Amazing Retention And Will Refer Their Friends And Family To You!

The Best Way To Track The Temperature And Humidity Level In Your Environment Is To Invest In A Hygrometer And Keep It In Your Lash Studio Or Room. It’s An Essential Tool For Every Lash Artist. Our Mini Hygrometer Provides Accurate Readings Of Humidity And Temperature And Is Perfect To Have In Your Lash Cart Next To You!

Temperature And Humidity Will Control The Time In Which Your Adhesive Will Cure. To Ensure The Best Retention, Try To Maintain A Temperature Of 68-74°F, And A Humidity Level Of 40-60%. This Will Allow The Adhesive To Set Properly. Keep An Eye On These Levels Throughout Your Appointment In Case You’ll Have To Adjust Your Room Conditions.

Low Humidity
The Higher The Humidity And Lower The Temperature, The Longer It Takes For The Adhesive To Cure. You May Find Some Lashes Sticking To Other Lashes, So It’s Always Important To Look Out For Some As You Go And At The End Of Your Set To Maintain The Health Of Your Client’s Lashes. You May Also Have To Hold Your Lash Extension In Place A Little Longer Before Moving Onto The Next Lash, Allowing It To Set In The Right Direction. A Humidifier Would Be Best If You Find That Your Room Has A Lower Humidity Level.

High Humidity
The Lower The Humidity And Higher The Temperature, The Quicker It Will Cure. Too Much Heat And Humidity Can Cause The Glue To Cure Faster, Even Before Placing The Lash Extension On The Natural Lash, Resulting In Poor Retention And Upset Clients. Finding A Slower Drying Glue In A High Humidity Space Will Give You Enough Time To Attach The Extension. In This Case, You Can Purchase A Dehumidifier If You Find That Your Room Has A Higher Humidity Level.

If You’re Looking To Invest In A Dehumidifier And/Or Humidifier To Maintain These Conditions, It’s Important To Consider The Size Of The Room And The Amount Of Moisture In The Air. Dehumidifiers Are Designed To Remove Excess Moisture From The Air, While Humidifiers Are Designed To Add Moisture To The Air.

We Recommend Leaving Your Hygrometer In Your Room For A Day, Taking Note Of The Levels Throughout. You Can Take The Average Of Those Levels And From Then, You Can Find An Adhesive That Works Best For You! Of Course, Temperature And Humidity Can Change According To The Seasons. The Adhesive That You Use During The Winter May Not Work Best During The Summer, Vice Versa.

Finding An Adhesive Can Be Tricky, Especially If You’re New To Lashing. There Are Countless Of Adhesives In The Market. The Few Factors To Consider When Choosing One Would Be If It’s Clear Or Black, If It Has A Slower Or Faster Drying Time, If It Has A Thinner Or Thicker Viscosity, And Low, Medium, Or High Fumes.

Black Glue Vs. Clear Glue
You’ll Find That Most Adhesives Are Black. This Is Because They Contain The Ingredient Carbon Black, A Black Pigment, Which Can Add More Fumes. Clear Adhesives Do Not Contain That Ingredient And Are Best Used For Clients Who Have Sensitive Eyes. They Are Perfect To Use When Working With Colored Lashes If You Want The Color To Fully Show!

Drying Time
When First Starting, You May Not Be As Fast At Placing A Lash Extension As Someone Who’s Been Lashing For A While. Most Advanced Artists Will Prefer A Fast Drying Glue With A 0.5-1 Second Drying Time. For Beginners, We Recommend A Glue With A 1-2 Second Or 2-3 Second Drying Time. You Want To Make Sure You Have Enough Time To Isolate And Place The Lash After Dipping It In Adhesive. As You Get More And More Practice, You’ll Get Faster With Time And The Whole Process Will Become Muscle Memory!

Viscosity Is The Thickness Of Your Adhesive. The Thinner It Is, The Faster It Will Cure. The Thicker It Is, The Slower It Will Cure. If You Are Looking For A Thinner Adhesive, You May Want To Consider A Low Viscosity Adhesive. This Type Of Adhesive Is Ideal For Classic Or Light Volume Lash Applications. If You Need A Thicker Adhesive, Then A Higher Viscosity Adhesive Might Be A Better Choice. This Type Of Adhesive Is Usually Used For Heavier And More Dramatic Volume Applications.

It's Important To Be Mindful Of How Strong The Fumes From Eyelash Extension Adhesive Can Be, Especially If You Have Clients With Sensitive Eyes. Fortunately, There Are Many Adhesives Available That Are Specifically Designed To Reduce The Fumes, Allowing You To Provide A Safe And Pleasant Experience To Your Clients.

You Should Also Be Conscious Of Your Health And The Effects Of These Fumes, As We Spend Countless Of Hours Working Around It. Wearing A N95 Mask Can Protect You From Inhaling Them, Which Can Travel Up Your Airway, Causing Respiratory Issues. Opting To Use A Jade Stone Instead Of A Glue Ring Can Help Tremendously As It’s Not So Close To You All The Time Or Your Clients Face. Make Sure Your Room Has Proper Air Flow Or Consider Investing In An Air Purifier. It Will Help You And Your Client’s Health In The Long Run! 

DID YOU KNOW OUR SUPERGIRL ADHESIVE COLLECTION OFFERS A WIDE TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY RANGE? They All Have A Temperature Range Of 68-74°F And Humidity Range Of 40-65%. Our Super Girls Are Here To Save The Day And Give You The Best Retention, Formulated To Give You A Bonding Time Of Up To 8 Weeks! We Offer Mini Sizes In 3ml That You Can Try Before Committing To The 5ml Size.



You Can Find More Information About All Our Adhesives, Including Our BOSS BABE Collection Here As Well! 


Taking Care Of Your Adhesive Is Important For Maintaining Its Maximum Effectiveness. After All, We Spend Lots Of Money On It Every Couple Weeks! Here Are Some Tips For Caring For Your Adhesive: 

1. Make Sure Your Adhesive Matches The Temperature And Humidity Of Your Environment And Your Speed.

2.Store Your Adhesive In A Cool, Dry Place And To Keep The Cap Tightly Sealed. We Recommend Keeping It In A Secure, Airtight Container. You Can Purchase Our Cute Animal Airtight Containers! These Containers Will Help Regulate The Temperature Of Your Glue.

3. When Applying Your Lash Extensions, Use A Fresh Drop Of Glue Every 15-20 Minutes! Once The Glue Becomes Stringy And The Consistency Changes, Then It’s Time To Change It. Failing To Do So Can Cause Retention Issues.

4. At The Start Of Your Day, Shake Your Bottle For At Least 2 Minutes. Shake The Bottle Of Glue For Atleast 30 Seconds To 1 Minute Before Every Use To Ensure A Consistent, Even Application. You Want To Make Sure All The Ingredients Are Mixed Properly. If You Don’t Want To Shake It By Hand, We Offer A Glue Shaker That Does The Work For You! 

5. After Dispensing Your Glue Drop, Make Sure To Burp The Bottle Of Glue To Release Any Excess Air Bubbles In The Nozzle. Wipe The Excess Glue Off With Only Lint Free Wipes To Avoid Getting Any Lint On The Nozzle.

6. Replace Your Glue Every 4 Weeks After Opening It. Always Write Down The Day You Opened It So You Know When To Throw It Out.

We Hope This Post Was Insightful! Now, You’ll Know What To Look For When Searching For The Right Adhesive. At The End Of The Day, Only You Can Decide What Factors Are Important To You. It’s All Trial And Error And You May Have To Test Out A Few To Find The Right One. Once You Find The Perfect Glue For You, The Feeling Is Like No Other!

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