​​When it comes to finding the right lash tweezers, it's important to consider what type of technique you'll be using and the level of precision you require. Isolation tweezers are great for separating and isolating the natural lashes during the application process, while volume tweezers are designed for creating and placing fans onto the natural lash.

Ultimately, the right lash tweezers for you will depend on your personal preference and the technique you feel most comfortable using. It's important to experiment and try different types of tweezers until you find the right fit for your lash application needs. In this blog, we’ll explain all our different types of tweezers and the different fanning methods that they could be used for.

Angled Volume Tweezers

Our angled volume tweezers include E01, E02, E04 from our E0 collection and Ruby and Emerald from our fibertip GEM collection which are designed specifically with beginners in mind. These tweezers feature short tips, making it easier to precisely place lashes without accidentally grabbing too many at once.

One of the best things about our angled volume tweezers is that they work with all lash methods. However, they're especially effective when used with the pinching technique. The pinch method is one of the most popular techniques which involves using the fingers to pinch the base of the lash, creating a fan-like effect that can add depth and dimension to the lashes. They then apply a small amount of adhesive to the base of the lashes  


90 Degree Volume Tweezers

Our 90 degree volume tweezers include E03, E08, E10, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz which are the perfect tool for creating stunning volume and mega volume sets. The tips are shaped for a stable grip and can grab a good amount of lashes. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. 

They are especially great for the pinching method as well. These tweezers are also excellent for the flower bouquet technique. With this method, you pick up the lashes off the strip, then dip the fan 90 degrees into the adhesive while simultaneously releasing slight pressure on the tweezers. While the adhesive runs up the base of the lashes, the lashes will open up and create a beautiful fan. Another popular technique that can be accomplished with these tweezers is the glue ring method, where the fan is made through the slits on the glue ring. Pick up the lashes higher up off the strip, dip it in the adhesive, then run the base through the glue slits while slightly releasing pressure from your tweezers and wiggling the fan through. 



Boot Volume Tweezers

Our boot volume tweezers include our E07 and Sapphire. Boot volume tweezers have a unique boot-shaped tip. The shape of the tip is specifically designed to create a wider fan of lashes, making it easier to apply multiple extensions at once. They have the perfect curvature, not too sharp or too rounded. 

Boot tweezers can be an excellent tool for those who are looking for a convenient way to apply lashes. They are especially useful for those who prefer the "on the strip" method, where you pick up your desired amount of the lashes and stick them back on the strip. To create a fan, you use the tips of your tweezers to roll the lashes out. When you create your desired fan, carefully pick them up with a strong grip and dip in the adhesive.


J Volume Tweezers 

Our J volume tweezers include our E05 and Topaz. What sets these tweezers apart is their long ultra-fine tips and superior grip. The tips have been optimized to provide maximum surface area for the grip of volume fans, making it easier to create fans. 

These uniquely shaped tweezers are perfect for the shimmy method. You’ll grab the desired thickness of your lash and gently fluff them out in a shimmy motion with your tweezers to make the fan before pulling the fan towards you and dipping it in adhesive. With their superior design and functionality, they're a game changer for those who love this method!


We understand that the vast selection of different shapes and sizes can be overwhelming, but we hope our guide has helped you narrow down your options. The shape of your tweezer can play a big role in your ability to control it, and ultimately, get the job done right. Whether you're looking for an angled tip, 90 degree tip, curved tip, or boot tip tip, it all comes down to what feels right in your hand and allows for the most precise control. Remember, the goal is not to have any stray lashes and make the perfect fans so don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you. Happy tweezing babes!! :)

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