As Lash Artists, We Must Master Lash Placement Itself And Removing The Lashes.

Knowing How To Safely Remove Lashes Is Necessary When Clients Want To Take A Break, Are Experiencing An Allergic Reaction, And When They Come Back For Their Fill With Outgrown Lashes.

We Never Recommend Picking Or Pulling Your Lashes Off Or Removing Your Lashes Yourself!

You Should Always Go To A Professional Lash Artist To Remove Your Lashes For You.

Picking And Pulling Your Lash Extensions Off Is The Worst Thing You Can Do And It May Pull Your Natural Lashes Along With Them.

You’ll End Up With Bald Spots Along Your Lash Line And Your Lashes Will Look Sparse, Thin, And Overall Unhealthy.


You Can Tell A Lash Is Outgrown When The Lash Extension Is At Least 2 Millimeters Away From The Lash Line.

You Need To Remove These Lashes Because They’ll Eventually Start Drooping And Twisting, Causing Some Discomfort For Your Client.

Leaving These Outgrowns Will Weigh Down And Strain The Natural Lash.

Skipping This Step Is A Huge Mistake You Can Make! Your Set Won’t Come Out As Neat And Uniform And You’ll Risk The Health Of Your Client’s Natural Lashes.

We Recommend These Few Removal Methods When Removing Outgrown Lashes. Before You Start, Make Sure Your Client's Bottom Lashes Are Taped Down And Protected With Eye Pads Before You Start.


Using Your Isolation And Regular Tweezer, Grab The Natural Lash Closer To The Base Of The Lash Extension With Your Isolation Tweezer To Give You More Control, And Grab The Tip Of The Lash Extension With Your Regular Tweezer.

Then, Like Peeling A Banana, You Want To Peel Them Apart And Peel Back The Lash Extension Until It Comes Off.

If The Lash Extension Is Placed On Top Of The Natural Lash, You Want To Pull Towards You.

If It’s Placed Beneath The Natural Lash, You Want To Pull Away From You. Make Sure You’re Not Pulling The Natural Lash To The Point You’re Plucking It Out!

If You’re Unable To Remove The Whole Lash Extension, You Can Also Carefully Peel Apart The Base Of The Lashes One By One.


Using Your Isolation And Regular Tweezer, Grab The Natural Lash With Your Isolation Tweezer With A Firm Grip Under The Outgrown Lash.

Using Your Regular Tweezer, You Want To Slide Up The Natural Lash And Under The Lash Extension So That It Easily “Pops Off.” With This Method,

You Also Want To Make Sure Your Isolation Tweezer Has A Very Tight Grip So Your Client Doesn’t Feel Any Tugging.


For All The Stubborn Lashes That Won’t Come Off With The Banana Peel Or Pop-Off Method, You Can Always Rely On Gel Or Cream Remover To Take Them Off!

Cream Removers Have A Thicker Consistency While Gel Removers Have A Thinner Consistency.

Directly Apply The Remover At The Base Of The Lash

Or To Make It Easier And Not Risk Getting The Remover On Other Lashes, You Can Use Double-Sided Tape (Or Use Your Regular Lash Tape To Make It Double-Sided)

And Place It On Your Client’s Eyelid Close To The Lash Line. Stick All The Outgrown Lashes Against The Tape So You Can Easily Apply Remover On Them.

Let The Remover Sit For A Couple Of Minutes And Then You Can Banana Peel The Lash Extension Off.

You Can Purchase All The Removal Essentials Here! We Have Cream, Gel, And Even Sensitive Removers For Sensitive Clients HERE


It’s So Helpful To Know That There Are A Couple Of Techniques To Try Out When Removing Lash Extensions In Case One Of Them Isn’t Working Out For You! Now You Can Confidently Remove These Outgrown Lashes And Your Fill Process Will Be A Breeze! Remember That It’s Always Important To Discuss With Your Clients That Picking And Pulling Off Their Lash Extensions Can Cause Significant Damage To Their Lash Line And Even Prevent Them From Being Able To Get Lash Extensions Again Until Their Lashes Grow Back Healthier.

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