HI LOVES, this week’s blog post is a little different than our usual educational blogs. We had an incredible opportunity and just wanted to do a quick recap of our amazing experience at IBS (International Beauty Show) in Las Vegas and our exclusive candy themed items sold there!! 

We are still dreaming of everything and wish we could go back to this past weekend! We’re so sad that it’s over but we had sooo much fun! It was definitely a success and we can’t wait to be back in the future and do it all over again.

First off, LOOK AT OUR BOOTH! WE’RE OBSESSED! Every pop-up event or show we go to, we love doing a fun, eye-catching theme. We love foodie themed things so we decided to do it for every pop-up we have! Our recent “ELAN CAFE TOUR” was full of cafe products. This year, we decided to do a Candyland theme. Look at those giant sprinkles and our ice cream popsicle counter. TOO CUTE!!

We thought it would be so fun to create a giant rainbow prize spin wheel with every purchase. Giving back to our customers is our favorite thing to do, we appreciate you guys so much!! And who doesn’t want to score some money off or a free claw clip (that changes colors in the sun), keychain, or color tray?!

The beauty industry just keeps on growing and is constantly coming out with new techniques and innovative products. Walking around, we got to see all these different brands, products, and learned some valuable information that we could apply to our brand. Not to mention, all the amazing speakers there inspired us even more! Knowing that we were all there sharing the same passion for beauty was a comforting and encouraging feeling.

Our best sellers that you guys sold out were our candy scented XL cleanser concentrate and our white chocolate cakepop colored tray. Our customers also loved our raspberry chocolate mousse colored tray and macaron anti allergy gel. Don’t worry, we still have some in stock for you up on our website! Get your hands on them now before they’re gone forever! 


Every interaction we had with all our customers or anyone just browsing by was so heartwarming. Even personally meeting some of our ambassadors there was so fun! You guys are the reason why we love doing what we do!! We love being in this community and we hope that we help you ignite your passion as well. <3

We want to do a big shoutout and a special thank you to all our sweet customers who support us in everything we do! Whoever looked for our booth and bought something, our customers in-store and online, and even you reading this! We would not be here without you guys and it’s so crazy to see how much we’ve grown ever since we started our brand back in 2020! We can’t wait to spoil you all because we have so much in store for you this year. Everything we do is for you guys. WE LOVE YALLL SO MUCH!!! :) <333

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