Let’s talk about lash diameters and weight! Understanding lash diameter is essential for maintaining the health of a client's natural lashes. Everyone’s lashes are different and you’ll come across clients with very thin, healthy, or strong lashes. In order be a skillful lash artist, it's important to choose the appropriate diameter based on the thickness and length of their lashes to avoid adding any extra weight that will damage or break them.
What is Lash Diameter?
Lash Diameter refers to the thickness, or the width of a single lash extension. It is measured in millimeters.

There are different diameters for every type of set you do. They can range from .01 to .25 millimeters. The smaller the number is, the thinner the lash is, or vice versa. On lash trays, you will always see them labeled with the diameter, the lengths, and the curl.

How does diameter affect the weight of the lashes?
The weight of a lash or a fan will depend on the diameter of the lashes. As mentioned above, the bigger the number is, the thicker the extension will be. The more thicker the lash is, the more density and weight it adds. It’s important to consider how glue also adds more weight to the lash or fan! Remember to never use too much glue.

How do I know which diameter to choose?
The most common lash diameters include .03 for mega volume, .05 and .07 for volume, and .10, .12, .15, .18, and .20 for classic sets. The bigger the number is, the less lashes you should make in a fan.

Knowing which diameter to choose will depend on the length and strength of your client’s lashes, as well as what type of look they are trying to achieve. The rule of thumb is to never apply a lash extension that’s over 3 millimeters longer than the length of their natural lashes.

We have diameters as thin as .01 and as thick as .15, which is perfect for all types of sets you could think of!

Classic sets
Classic sets are perfect for beginners or those who love a light, natural look!For classic sets, there should only be one lash applied to one natural lash. .10, .12, .15, .18, and .20 diameters are only used for classic sets since they are on the thicker side. For .10, you can use up to 2 lashes in a fan only. .15 is the most common diameter for classic lashes. It’s not too heavy - it’s just right! However, we do not recommend using .18 and .20 since they could be too heavy for the natural lash.

Volume sets
Volume sets are fluffier and more dramatic than classic sets. They’re the most popular look in the lash world! You can customize it to be either a light volume or a full volume set depending on how thick your fans are. The amount of lashes in a fan depends on the diameter. .05 and .07 are the most common diameters used for volume sets. 

.07 = use up to 4-5 lashes in a fan.05 = use up to 8-9 lashes in a fan

Mega volume sets
Mega volume sets are the most dramatic. They’re perfect for anyone who loves a look that is thick, full, and very black! The fans are more thicker and dense, allowing you to add the most volume but are still safe for the natural lash! You can opt for these diameters for clients who have thinner lashes.

.03 = use up to 16 lashes in a fan
.02 = use up to 19 lashes in a fan
.01 = use up to 22 lashes in a fan

YES, you read that right! We have lashes as thin as .02 in our Soft Silk trays and even  thinner in our .01 Royal Mink trays! They’re easy to pick up and fan like butter! That’s MEGA for sure but still not too heavy on the eyes!!

Thick and heavy lashes can cause drooping and damage to your natural lashes. Always make sure to take a look at your client’s lashes before choosing what diameters to work with. This is to avoid any stress on the natural lash that may lead to premature fallout. We never want to compromise our client’s lashes! Now that you know all about lash diameters, you’ll be able to customize any set while providing a seamless look!
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