As a lash artist, you will run into some clients with sensitivities. Clients with sensitive eyes tend to tear up a lot, experience irritation on or around their eyelids, get red eyes, and their eyes itch or swell up during and after the application process. But that doesn’t mean that lash extensions won’t work for them at all! It’s our job as lash artists to be mindful and be prepared to assist them during the lash application process so they can still achieve the flawless set that they dream of!

Here are some tips and must-have products so you can provide an excellent service to clients with sensitivities without any discomfort!


As much as we love catching up and gossiping with our clients, try to minimize talking during the appointment. This prevents their eye pads from moving due to them talking and their facial expressions. Their eyes can flutter and open slightly, making it difficult to lash them and can result in a stinging sensation from the fumes from the adhesive getting into their eye or redness from the eye pad scratching their eye. 

Let them know that you need to focus. Put on some relaxing music and encourage them to relax and take a lash nap! As an add on or complimentary service, you can even provide them with a hydrating lip mask! 


Always start with a lash bath to remove any unnecessary make up, dirt, and oils. It helps strengthen the bond with the extensions, especially for clients with sensitive eyes who tend to rub their eyes and touch their lashes which can result in fallout. 

Our super gentle lash shampoo is a solid pick with a light formula for clients who experience irritation and burning! Add this into their aftercare kit! 


Believe or not, clients can be allergic to ingredients in your regular eye pads. You’ll know when they experience a burning or itchy feeling once you place the eye pads on their skin. Remember to never place them too close to the waterline as well! 

Our hypoallergenic foam lash pads reduce the risk of allergic reactions as they are made from medical grade hypoallergenic material. These babies are sticky enough so they don’t move around and are form fitting! 

Another option instead of using lash pads is to just use tape. Make sure to use enough to where your tweezers won’t poke their skin!


Sensitive tape is a must-have for sensitive skin but works with any skin type! It’s sticky enough but not enough to pull and tug on the skin when taking it off. It’s water resistant, medical grade, and hypoallergenic.

It’s perfect for many uses! It helps tape back lashes without it ripping off the extensions, taping down their lower lashes, and stretching their eyelid. 

Our sensitive tape is one of our best sellers and we have too many cute colors to choose from!! 


Do your client’s eyes ever sting from the adhesive fumes during the application process? Does it happen to you when your glue ring is too close to your eyes? Anti-allergy gel is a game changer and helps absorb and reduce fumes by neutralizing the air in your lash space, protecting you and your client from harmful chemicals. 

There are two ways to apply our anti-allergy gel:

  1. Take a lip applicator, grab a generous amount of the gel, then apply it on and around their eyelids.
  2. Open the container and leave the gel open as close as possible to your client during the whole appointment. 

This product doesn’t guarantee no allergies or reactions! It decreases the levels of vapors in your environment. Make sure to replace it every 2-4 months as the gel lessens overtime. 



There’s a difference between being sensitive to lash adhesive and being allergic to it.

People who are sensitive to lash adhesive experience mild symptoms like a runny nose, red eyes, and slight swelling but it’ll usually go away within 24 hours. People who are lash allergic to adhesives are allergic to the main ingredient Cyanoacrylate. Another ingredient, Carbon Black, is what makes the adhesive black and can also be an allergen.

Anyone whose experienced an allergic reaction know how much of an unpleasant feeling it can be! The signs of an allergic reaction includes redness, burning, swelling, flaky skin, headaches, and a sore throat. Unfortunately, a client can develop an allergic reaction anytime.

If you ever come across a client who has experienced an allergic reaction, offer a complimentary removal and remove their lashes as soon as possible. If their symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, advise them to seek medical help. 

Our sensitive glue is for our sensitive girlies! They don’t have to miss out on lash extensions! It has low fumes, lesser amounts of cyanoacrylate and carbon black, and has a drying time of 2-3 seconds. 


You could have all the best products in the market but it all comes down to your technique!

You want to make sure your lash extensions are never placed too close to the lid or on the skin. Placing it too close or on the skil will cause irritation and can lead to an allergic reaction.

When taping up their eyelids, use a mirror to check if their eyes are completely closed still to avoid getting any fumes in their eyes. Don’t swipe your excess glue on their eye pads as it can add more unnecessary fumes. 

Lastly, lash extensions should never be damaging so make sure you’re using the appropriate lengths and weights that their natural lashes could handle. This prevents your clients from touching and picking at their lashes.

Lashing sensitive eyes can be quite more tedious. However, we want to make lashing a comfortable and safe experience for all our of clients! We take the safety of our clients very seriously at elan beaute.

We hope these tips help you feel more confident when working with sensitive eyes! You are the professional, so you should never feel pressured to lash anyone if you’re not comfortable enough! 

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