Now that you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to set up your space for visitors. The way you present yourself and your space is important for the client’s experience - first impressions are everything! The environment should be appealing and welcoming, which encourages clients to keep coming back. Of course, you’ll want to be as neat as possible, be able to have enough space to move around freely when performing your service, and most of all create a comforting environment!
We are here to make starting your business a stress-free process. In this blog, we’ll tell you all the things you’ll need to know on how to set up your lash room! If you’ve been lashing for a while already, here are some products you can upgrade to if you haven’t yet!


Lash Bed or Recliner
A lash bed or recliner is one of the biggest investments you can make. It’s where your clients will be laying for 1 to 3 hours for the service, so you want to choose one that’s comfortable for both you and your clients! The most common option would be a massage table bed. It’s portable and easy to fold up if you offer mobile home services or whenever you want to redecorate your room. You’ll want to find one that’s height adjustable, fits you ergonomically with enough leg room, and can support the weight of all your clients.A recliner is another common option, providing clients full support. Something to consider is that they are a bit more expensive than lash beds. You can adjust it throughout the service and it gives you more room to work around. Be sure to check how far it reclines back before purchasing it to avoid any neck or back pain in the long run! 

Mattress topper
A memory foam topper to put on top of your lash bed will take comfort to a new level! It’s the perfect addition. The regular massage table bed itself could be hard to lay on, making it quite uncomfortable. Your clients will feel like they’re laying on a cloud and they’ll drift off to sleep sooner or later. It provides extra comfort, especially for those who have shoulder and back pain or are pregnant.

Fitted lash bed cover
A fitted lash bed cover gives off that professional look, covering the legs of the lash bed. It shows that you care about sanitation as it protects the bed from any dust and dirt. They come in a variety of colors and it’ll immediately transform the look of your space, giving it a luxurious vibe and attract higher-paying clientele! 

A blanket to put on top of the bed and to offer for your clients is essential for your client’s comfort, especially if the room gets cold.Our lash blanket is super soft and cozy, it comes in black or cream to match the aesthetic of your room! Your clients are bound to fall asleep and the best part is that they’ll wake up with pretty lashes after their little nap! 

Ergonomic Lash Pillow
Ergonomic lash pillows offer maximum support for your client’s neck and back, while keeping their head in a convenient position while lashing. The purpose of the pillow is to keep your clients heads slanted up towards you, allowing you see their lashes better. Your clients will look forward to their appointments because of how relaxing your set up is! We’ve got the perfect memory foam pillows for you that shape to your client’s heads! They come in black, pink, and white. The best part is that the covers are removable and washable!
Leg Pillow
Providing a leg pillow helps relieve your client’s back pressure and muscle tension instead of laying flat. It improves blood circulation by elevating their legs. They’ll definitely feel the difference! Our pillows keep their shape after every use and are machine washable!

Pillow shelf storage
Organization is key. A pillow shelf storage will be your best friend throughout your lashing journey! Just slide it into your lash pillow and it adds storage to your workspace. No more laying your supplies on the bed where it can easily fall off! Our pillow shelves are super lightweight and it keeps your lashing essentials organized and within hands reach. 
When it comes to lighting, you’ll need all the good lighting you can get! Ideally, you’ll want some natural lighting in the room. However, a ringlight or led light is a must! Choose one that has adjustable brightness and flexibility. Good lighting is part of mastering lashes in order to isolate and attach them properly. You’ll be able to showcase your work and take the most beautiful pictures and videos of your clients!

A saddle chair is essential as it promotes ergonomic posture in your back and spine, reducing neck and back pain, and allowing for comfortable hours of work. There should be a height adjustment option, while also allowing you to roll around and rotate to see your client from all angles.Our favorite saddle chair is made out of premium leather, making it easier to clean. It provides maximum support - NO MORE BAD POSTURE AND PAIN! 
Lastly, we can’t forget about decorations! Make your room your happy place. Some ideas for incorporating lash-themed decor could be adding lash extension posters or wall art, incorporating neon lights with lash or beauty-related phrases, and adding decorative pieces like lash-shaped mirrors or faux lashes as accents. Don't forget to showcase your personal style through the colors and textures you choose for your decor! A lash neon light adds the perfect touch to your space.
Providing a relaxing and comfortable experience for your clients is key to ensuring they come back. Not only will they come to you for your services, but because of your beautiful, well-designed, and safe space. We hope this motivates you to decorate the lash space of your dreams! 
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