As A Lash Artist, It’s Your Job To Educate Your Clients The Importance Of Maintaining Their Lash Extensions After You’ve Finished Your Service And How It Requires A Few Special Steps To Get The Most Out Of Them. This Is Especially Important For Clients Who Have Never Gotten Their Lashes Done Before. It’ll Prevent Your Clients From Being Confused Or Upset When They Notice Their Lashes Falling Off Or Not As Fluffy As They Were When They First Got Them. After All, You’ve Spent Hours Diligently Applying Them, Now It’s Their Job To Keep Them Looking Pretty! Proper Aftercare, Along With Proper Attachment Is The Key To Long-Lasting Retention.

In This Post, We’ll Provide You With All The Instructions You’ll Need To Give To Your Clients In Order To Care For Their Lashes And To Show That You’re A Credible And Trustworthy Lash Technician! We’ll Also List Out All The Things You’ll Need To Make An Aftercare Kit And Sell To Your Clients As A Way To Increase Your Income.


This Is The Most Important Step. Wash! Wash Wash! We Cannot Stress This Enough! Wash Your Lashes In The Morning And Night Before You Go To Bed. Getting Your Lashes Wet In The Shower Just Isn’t Enough! You Need To Make Sure You’re Using A Safe And Gentle Lash Cleanser To Clean Them. Dab Them Dry With A Towel Then Brush And Dry Them With A Portable Fan Until They’re Dry And Fluffy Again!

We Have The Perfect Aftercare Kit For You To Keep Your Lashes Looking Good! It Includes A Lash Shampoo, Brush, And Cute Portable Fan.

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Life Happens And There Are Some Things We Have No Control Of That We Cry Over. Sometimes Our Emotions Get The Best Of Us. Just Remember To Always Wash Them After Crying! The Salt From Your Tears Can Cause Your Lashes To Clump Up And Become Crunchy.  Wash Them Immediately After Swimming! Chlorine And Salt Water Can Affect Your Retention As They Can Directly React With The Adhesive. It’s Always Good To Keep Your Lash Cleanser And Some Fresh Water On Hand Whenever You Go To The Beach Or The Pool.
Some People Think That By Not Getting Your Lashes Wet, They Won’t Fall Out. The Truth Is That The Longer You Go Without Washing Them, The More Dirt, Oil, Makeup, And Dead Skin Build-Up There Will Be. This Can Weaken The Adhesive Bond Between The Lash Extensions And Your Natural Lashes And Cause Premature Fallout. Even If You Lie To Your Lash Artist Saying You Wash Them Daily, We Can Immediately Tell If You Don’t! By Neglecting Your Lashes, You’re More Prone To Eye Infections  Check Out Our Series On TikTok Where We Show You All The Tips And Tricks For Lash Artists! In This Video, We Show You How To Fan And Dry Your Lashes To Keep Them Looking Fluffy!! Https://Www.Tiktok.Com/@Elanbeaute/Video/7210942674692705582?_r=1&_t=8ahC71RyJII

Oil And Lash Extensions Are Not A Good Mix! No Oil-Based Eyeliner, Makeup, Cleansers, Serums, Creams, Or Sunscreen. When Washing Your Face At The End Of The Day, The Oils Can Drip Down To Your Lashes, Softening The Bond And Causing Your Lashes To Fall Out Faster. The 4 Types Of Oil You Want To Avoid Completely Are Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, And Vegetable Oil. Make Sure You’re Using An Oil-Free Makeup Remover Too!

There Is No Need For Eyelash Curlers Or Mascara When You Have Your Lashes Done. Eyelash Extensions Are Already Made With Beautiful Curls. If You Want Your Lashes Curlier, Let Your Lash Artist Know At Your Next Appointment And They Can Choose A More Dramatic Curl That’s Right For You. Since Your Lashes Will Look Darker And Thicker With Them On, Mascara Is Not Necessary. However, If You Truly Can’t Resist, Only Use A Water-Based, Oil-Free, And Non Water-Proof Mascara! 

This Is The Easiest Step! Who Wants A Messy Looking Lash Line? Brushing Your Lashes At Least Once A Day Keeps Them Looking Neat And Pretty. It Removes Any Dirt And Lint Sitting In Your Lashes. You Should Brush From Both The Top And The Bottom But Not So Close To The Lash Line As It Can Snag The Base Of The Extension. Always Keep A Spare Mascara Brush In Your Bag And Make Sure It’s Clean Before You Use It!

By Touching Your Lashes, The Natural Oils From Your Fingers Can Break Down The Bond. You May Subconsciously Rub Your Lashes, However, You Should Refrain From This Or Stop As Soon As You Realize. We Understand That During Those Long Busy Days, A Satisfying Eye Rub Is Needed! If You Want To Rub Your Eyes, Try Rubbing Your Eyelids Instead In A Soft, Circular Motion.

Picking And Pulling Your Lashes Is The Worst Habit You Can Form. As Our Lashes Grow Out, They Can Start Twisting And Turning Which Can Get Pretty Annoying. Whatever Happens, Please Resist That Temptation! By Pulling Out Your Lashes, You’ll Pull Out Your Natural Lashes With Them, Which Can Cause Hair Breakage And Lead To Bald Spots. To Reduce The Risk Of Damage, Go To An Experienced Lash Technician Who Knows How To Properly Isolate Your Lashes. You Should Never Have More Than One Natural Lash Attached To A Lash Extension. 

Sleeping On Your Back Is The Best Way To Prevent Your Lash Extensions From Rubbing Against Your Pillow Or Getting Tugged On While You Sleep. For All You Stomach Sleepers - You May Wake Up With A Bunch Of Your Lashes Sprawled Out On Your Bed Or Your Lashes All Smashed! Investing In A Silk Pillowcase Will Prevent Your Lashes From Getting Caught On The Material And Is Much More Smoother Than A Cotton Pillowcase.

Fills Are Needed Every 2-3 Weeks To Maintain Fullness. We Can Lose Up To 1-5 Natural Lashes A Day Due To Our Natural Lash Growth Cycle. If You Add That Up, That’s About 35 Lashes A Week! Some Lashes Will Be Grown Out By The 2-Week Mark, Depending On Your Lash Growth, And Will Start To Weigh Down And Cause Stress To The Natural Lash. Waiting Too Long Can Result In Having To Pay For A Full Set If There Are Too Many Outgrown Lashes Or Not Enough Lashes To Be Considered A Fill. 

Now That You’ve Got All These Instructions Down To Give To Your Clients, It’s Time To Inform Them About Aftercare Kits!


It’s Up To You As A Lash Artist If You Want To Provide Complimentary After Care Kits Or Sell Them. Selling Aftercare Kits Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profits! After Explaining The Benefits And Importance To Your Clients, They’re More Likely To Purchase Them. Here Are All The Things You’ll Want To Include In Your Kits:

Aftercare Cards
Lash Shampoo 
Cleaning Brush  
Mascara Wands 


    Providing These Tips For Your Clients Shows That You Truly Care About Their Experience With Your Service And Reassures Them That You’re An Expert At What You Do. It Can Help You Build A Strong Relationship With Your Client And They’ll Come Back Satisfied With The Service You’ve Provided For Them.

    Lash Extensions Are A Luxury Service And They’ll Need To Invest In Not Only Their Money, But Their Time As Well. One Of The Best Feelings Is Seeing Your Client’s Lashes Looking Clean And Still Full When They Come Back For Their Fill. The Fill Process Will Be A Piece Of Cake Because You Won’t Have To Spend As Much Time Filling Them In!

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