Hi loves! This blog post, we will embark on a journey of lash luxury with our comprehensive guide with insights, tips, and a closer look at our premium trays. Get ready to discover the perfect companions for your lash artistry. Whether you're aiming for a natural, feathery look or a bold, dense eyeliner effect, we've got an array of options waiting just for you!

Soft Silk
Meet our Soft Silk Tray! 🌟 She's been a part of our journey since the very beginning, introduced as our inaugural lash tray in 2020. Ideal for beginner lash artists, this tray offers a gentle touch and versatility. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it accommodates all methods effortlessly. Known for holding the tightest curl, it leaves a stunning, glossy, and soft finish.

Perfect for: mega volume, glossy finish!


Royal Mink
Introducing our Royal Mink Tray! 👑 Featuring the most lightweight lashes in our collection, this beauty holds a tight curl with a less sticky adhesive strip. Effortlessly easy to grab, it delivers a dark and matte, yet beautifully soft finish.

Perfect for: lightweight, fluffy sets!



Velvet Mink
Discover the allure of our Velvet Mink Tray! 🌟 Tailored for all lash methods, these lashes are soft, lightweight, and feature a stickier adhesive The result? A dark, fluffy finish that's both airy and bold.

Perfect for: soft pillowy mega volume sets or a fluffy natural set!


Matte Mink
Meet our Matte Mink Tray! 🖤 A dark and ultra matte finish for an airy, light feathery touch set. Easy to pull off and fan, it effortlessly achieves that coveted wispy look. Complemented by the nostalgia of retro 90s baby packaging and a convenient pull-out design!

Perfect for: soft matte hybrid, volume or mega volume sets!


Cashmere Mink: 
One of our favorites! Cashmere Mink Tray – best seller! Loved for her deep, black, and matte finish, incredibly lightweight and soft. Elevate your look with ease as it effortlessly creates a stunning eyeliner effect by darkening the lash line. A pincher’s dream! Fans like butter.

Perfect for: creating a sleek eyeliner effect for hybrid, volume, and mega volume sets!


Velour Mink
Behold our latest creation – the Velour Mink Tray! Embark on a journey of pure luxury with our MOST LUXE lashes to date, boasting an incredibly matte finish. Similar to our beloved Cashmere Mink, the Velour Mink is a fan's dream, making it effortlessly easy to pull off the strip. Ideal for pinching and various methods, it offers a richness beyond that of our Cashmere Mink and Satin Mink, and a luxurious touch surpassing even our Matte Mink. Perfect for everyday looks!

Perfect for: creating a dark super matte lash line - volume and mega volume sets!



Satin Mink
Lastly, our newest tray - Satin Mink! Our absolute DARKEST lashes to date, surpassing the richness of Cashmere Mink and the depth of Matte Mink. She’s  your go-to for an intensified lash line and an eyeliner effect that steals the show. Effortlessly easy to pull off the strip, especially for our pincher lash enthusiasts, this tray is designed for those who crave bold beauty. If you're already a fan of our Cashmere Mink lashes and desire a darker, more dramatic look, Velour Mink is a MUST TRY!

Perfect for: a matte, jet black finish for all types of sets! 



We hope this blog post was helpful in finding the perfect lash tray for you from our selection. We also provide mini tester trays for each of our trays for those who are scared to commit! At Elan, our diverse range caters to every lash artist.  Happy lashing babes!! <3

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