The wet set lash extension technique not only provides the convenience of long-lasting lashes but takes inspiration from the glistening effect of lashes when wet, offering a stunning, natural appearance that has captivated the beauty community. In this blog post, we'll explore the step-by-step process to master the art of creating that naturally enhanced appearance using wet set lash extensions.

What Makes a “Wet Set”

Wet Look Lashes derive their name from the captivating visual appeal of lashes when they are wet, capturing the thickness and definition before they dry and expand. They are similar to classic lashes, but give off a more dramatic and voluminous appearance. 

Key Distinctions from Classic Lashes

While Wet Set lashes share some similarities with classic lash extensions, the key differentiators lie in their enhanced thickness and boldness. The wet look effect amplifies the volume of each lash, creating a statement style that elevates the eyes. The result is a bolder and more dramatic appearance compared to the subtler classic lash extensions.

Who Are Wet Set Lashes Suitable For?

  • Moderate to Full Natural Lashes: Wet Look Lashes work best on individuals with moderate to full natural lashes. The style is designed to enhance the volume and thickness of existing lashes, creating a bold and glamorous look.
  • Not Ideal for Sparse Lashes: Individuals with sparse lashes might not be the ideal candidates for Wet Look Lashes. The nature of this style demands a certain level of natural lash density to achieve the desired volume and definition. 
  • Preference for More Volume: Wet Look Lashes are all about volume and boldness. This style is particularly suitable for individuals who love a dramatic, statement lash appearance. Those who prefer a more subtle and natural look may find this style to be too intense for their taste and should go for the regular classic look.

Materials Needed

  • .03 or .05 lashes (curl will be based on your client’s preference and eye shape)
  • Primer or super bonder
  • Lip applicator
  • Tweezers (straight and curved)
  • Mascara brush
  • Adhesive
  • Under-eye gel pads 
  • Lash tape

How to Do a Wet Set

Step 1: Consultation and Preparation

Begin with a thorough consultation to understand your client's preferences and assess their natural lashes. Discuss the desired length, curl, and thickness, keeping in mind their facial features and lifestyle. We recommend using a lighter diameter such as .03 or .05 for that soft and airy look. Once decided, prep the client by cleansing their lashes and applying under-eye gel pads or tape to isolate and protect the lower lashes. 

Step 2: Apply Primer or Super Bonder on the Lash Strip

Using a lip applicator, apply a small amount of primer or super bonder along the lash strip. This step is crucial for creating spikes that hold their shape and contribute to the glossy, wet appearance.

Step 3: Pick up Lashes Higher Up the Strip

When picking up lashes for application, target a higher point on the strip to keep the spikes closed. This technique creates a cohesive and textured appearance, mimicking the natural look of wet lashes.

Step 5: Isolate and Bond

Carefully isolate the natural lashes using your isolation tweezer. Using your volume tweezer, apply the spikes/closed fans to the isolated lashes, ensuring a secure bond.

Step 6: Repeat and Perfect

Continue the process, working in sections, until all desired lashes are extended. Periodically comb through the lashes with a lash comb to separate and align the spikes, contributing to the overall polished look.


@elanbeaute TIPS & TRICKS: use primer or super bonder for your wet sets 💦 this hack is so useful for making spikes/closed fans! using a lip applicator, run the primer or superbonder across the lash strip and watch them turn into spikes! #lashtip #lashtipsandtricks #beginnerlashtech #wetset #lashtutorial ♬ In this darkness - _the0therw0man



Unlike regular volume lash extensions that involve fanning out for a fuller look, wet set lashes simplify the process by creating spikes without the need for intricate fanning techniques. Despite the simplified technique, precise placement and direction is crucial to achieving a cohesive and natural appearance.  Technicians who enjoy a balance of creativity and accuracy will find wet set lashes to be a rewarding and enjoyable set to master.

Mastering the art of creating a mascara look with wet set lash extensions allows you to offer your clients the luxury of waking up with perfectly defined lashes that resemble the freshness of just-washed and wet lashes. Follow this step-by-step guide, and you'll be on your way to providing a stunning and natural enhancement that requires minimal maintenance.

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