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elan beaute and supplies

colored MIXTAPES velvet mink lashes ♫

colored MIXTAPES velvet mink lashes ♫

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a playlist for every occasion and every mood you are in!
we gotchu!!!

match these mixtapes we made for yall & the colors that describe the days..

lashes + music = our love language <3

  • 0.05

  • CC / D

  • 10, 12, 14, 16mm mix

  • 4 colors per tray!

  • 1 line of each color each lengths

  • 16 lines total of pure VIBESSSS

9 mixtapes so far.. more coming ;)

  • christmas with elan

    • all your fav xmas bops!

    • red+light pink ombre, red unicorn (rain), light green+white ombre, dark green

  • winter wonderland with elan

    • classical + piano for all the winter feels!

    • baby blue cream ombre, baby blue white ombre, blue+baby blue ombre, dark blue+ blue ombre

  • fall with elan

    • fall vibes ~

    • cream, light beige, light lime & light salmon pink

  • pastels by elan

    • prettiest pastels!

    • pastel cream, pastel blue, pastel lime green, pastel baby baby pink

  • ombres by elan

    • the most vibrant ombres !

    • ombre pink, ombre orange, ombre green, ombre purple

  • rainy day with elan

    • gloomy day, gloomy blues

    • light cream, light beige, light gray, gray

  • browns by elan

    • most beautiful browns that is brand brand new never seen before!

    • brown white ombre, brown light brown ombre, gray brown, light brown

  • unicorns by elan

    • the most fun & funky unicorn lashes

    • blue yellow purple unicorn, purple unicorn, dark rainbow mix, blue unicorn lash

  • neons by elan

    • for all pop queens and kings!

    • neon yellow, neon baby pink, neon green, neon orange

  • 2 tones by elan

    • hip pop all the way!! i know thats righttt!

    • 2tone black+green, black+yellow, black+blue, black+red!



    • orange, red white ombre, black red ombre, red unicorn

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Margarita Torres
Loved the color!

The lashes fan out like butter! Definitely recommend for beginners!✍🏽

OOUUUU yay!! so happy <33

The cutest packaging and such nice quality

I was having a hard time finding L color lashes and was lucky enough to stumble upon Elan Beaute.

I am so glad I did, their packaging and marketing is absolutely adorable, I am very happy with the product quality, and service from the team for an issue I had with my order.

I will definitely be ordering again.

AHHHH our heart is smiling!!! thank you so much for your kind words! happy to be here for you :) <3