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*COWBOY collection* cowgirl blues lash bonder

*COWBOY collection* cowgirl blues lash bonder

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Transform any cowgirl into a stunning beauty with our *COWBOY collection* cowgirl blues lash bonder! Designed for our Texas tour, now available online. Improve lash retention and enjoy a heavenly scent.

  • unscented & milk scented
  • Description:

    Accelerates curing process

    Maximizes retention by 30%

    Works with ANY adhesive

    Reduces sensitivity & irritation

    Adhesive bonding point tightens, preventing vapor to escape

    Adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points, providing additional flexibility

    10 ml of Super bonder

    Available in original (unscented), cherry, tangerine, banana, lime, blueberry, passion fruit, strawberry & coconut


    Water, Methionine, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Polyvinypyrrolidone


    1. Wait 2 minutes after your last fan is placed

    2. Squeeze one drop of super bonder on a micro-brush or our mini brush, and apply on to the adhesive bonding point

    3. Allow to air dry then voila

    Shelf Life:

    Opened: 6 months

    Unopened: 1 yr

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