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DIY temporary lashes

DIY temporary lashes

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some of you guys have been asking for these for a hot min!!!

our very own dip temp lashes oooohooo!!

  • 7 different styles

  • sooo easy to use

  • last about 7-10 days

  • 2 application methods

what’s included:

  • 2 sets of lashes with different length so you can really diy and customize it for you!

  • 30x foil glue dots

  • mirror

  • adhesive for lashes

  • adhesive brush

  • tweezer (clamp)

  • gel brush remover

  • 2x glue pins for if the glue gets stuck!

how to use:

  1. choose which lengths you want to use in order to create different styles

  2. dip a small amount of glue onto the base of the lash clusters & place them under the lash line (NOT ON THE SKIN)


    you can use the glue brush directly onto your natural lashes like a mascara! then place the clusters under the lash line (DO NOT TOUCH SKIN)

  3. use the clamp for either method in order to blend the clusters with your natural lashes by clamping down on both together

  • if you want to remove the lashes, use the gel brush remover. brush onto the base of the lashes & leave for 2 mins! clusters should slide off easily after doing so, wash your lashes after to remove any excess product

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