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ICY BABE clear adhesive

ICY BABE clear adhesive

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ICY BABE is the PERFECT clear adhesive to add to your collection!

ICY BABE clear adhesive will help create the most flawless & clean set!

Great for all sets & especially COLOR sets!


Drying time: 0.5-1 secs

Color: clear

Bonding time: 5-6 weeks

Temperature: 60-74 F / 16-24 C degrees

Humidity: 45-65%

5 ml of Icy Babe Adhesive


Pair adhesive with elan primer & superbonder


Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Carbon Black


For Best Results:

Keep in refrigerator before opening

Do not put back in fridge after opening

Keep glue at temperature between 59-95 after opening

After dispensing glue, wipe nozzle with lint free wipes

Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight

Keep container tightly closed when not in use

Keep all glue away from cotton as there can be a heat reaction

Shake completely before each use


Formaldehyde, latex, & hydroquinone



For professional use only

Proper licensing and regulations must be met in order to use this professional grade product

In case of contact with skin or eyes, wash affected area with water

Avoid contact with skin & eyes as glue may cause irritation

Open adhesive items can not be returned or refunded

Avoid applying adhesive onto skin (A large amount of glue can cause burns)

Keep away from heat, children, and pets

Work in a well ventilated environment

MSDS available upon request

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Hayle Garrison
Lashes cases, glue & bonder

Elan has been my GO TO for over a year now & has never disappointed! Quality of the lashes are incredible, hold a fluffy & uniform curl. Icy glue is TOP TIER my retention has never been better on EVERY client, finally a glue who suites all clients 🤭. Bonder is always key to a lash set so dont forget the super bonder to bring it all together!

813 Lashes Lips Beauty
Love this glue

This clear glue has great retention I absolutely love it.

Caitlin Sandnas
I love it!

It works great but I wish the dry time was quicker

Gigi Cantu
Lash must haves

I love the Icy adhesive it’s perfect for colored lashes or clients with sensitivity. It’s the best clear adhesive I’ve ever used

Alexis Ngo
overall its a nice clear adhesive

I did end up getting a small sample-sized bottle just to test out the glue with my space and see what retention looked like and I found the bottle really hard to squeeze, which might just be due to the size of the bottle. overall retention I saw with this was good and I will be buying a bigger bottle

ahh yess our mini bottles are pretty hard to queeze just because of the size :( but so glad it still turned out to work for you!!! yayy <33