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macaron sensitive tapes

macaron sensitive tapes

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Cafe élan loading….

First coffee now macaronsss yes yes yes of course we have to bring on everything for you!!

These * tasty * macarons come in 5 * yummy* flavors & your choice of 1 thicc tape or 2 skinny tapes!

Purple: lavender honey (purple tape)

White: vanilla buttercream (white tape)

Pink: strawberry shortcake (pink tape)

Blue: blueberry cheesecake (blue tape)

Brown: PANDAN cold brew (green tape)

sensitive tapes are best for clients with sensitive eyes, great for inner/outer corners, under eyes & tape up layers!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The case is adorable!!!

Alyssa Allaire
Best Tape for Pullback Method

This tape is the perfect combination of not too sticky but also being just sticky enough. I just this tape when pulling back the extensions & they never get stuck to the tape! This is perfect for both beginner & advanced lash artists (& ofc the best part is that these come in a bundle!)

yaassss! its perfect for everything!! hehe thank you so much for taking the time to comment kind words <33 we appreciate you!!

Susana Vidrio
Works Miracles

I love this tape leaves no residue and doesn’t damage or hurt you’re clients when removing my forever favorite sensitive tape 💕

miranda sutton
Best tapes!

Absolutely LOVE these tapes! Hold perfectly but no pain or sticking to skin when removing.