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volume fan aid

volume fan aid

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Have you ever made a beautiful fan but once you dipped in the glue, the fan closes up instantly?

The frustration is real RIGHT!! BUT FEAR NO MORE!

Our volume fan aid is here to save the day!


Enhances the firmness of the fans

Increases pickup speed

Keeps fans open no matter how much glue you apply!

10ml / 0.35fl. oz - liquid

50ml / 1.06fl. oz - spray

How-To-Use (Liquid):

  1. Apply 2 drops on a lip applicator/ micro brush

  2. Apply onto the base of the lash extension strip

  3. Let the lash extension strip air dry for a bit then proceed by drying with a lash fan

How-To-Use (Spray):

  1. Spray onto a sponge pad

  2. Pick up a volume fan like normal and dip in your adhesive

  3. Run the base of the lashes over the sponge TWICE

  4. Apply your volume fan onto the natural lashes like normal

Shelf Life:

Opened: 6 months 

Unopened: 1 yr

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