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yogurty cream remover (5g)

yogurty cream remover (5g)

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your favorite cream removers now in the cutest packaging & even creamer textures!

  • yogurty cream remover

  • small yet jam packed with goodies

  • 5g of pure lux

  • glass jar super cute & mighty

  • completely sealed before opening! sanitizing & adorable!

  • smells amazing & leave no residue & no burning sensation either!

  • apply with a lip applicator on to the adhesive bonding points, leave on lashes for 5-10 mins, remove after!

  • 10 yummy flavors & 10 cuteness overload animals to match with them:

    • ROSE piggy

    • WATERMELON panpan

    • LEMON froggy

    • ORIGINAL cow-y

    • CANTALOUPE puppy

    • APPLE racoonccon

    • BLUEBERRY bearbear

    • GRAPE hammyham

    • STRAWBERRY lionrarw

    • PEACH bunbun

Shelf Life:

Opened: 6 months (best used within 2 months)

Unopened: 1 yr

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Doesn’t irritate my clients eyes and it is actually great for sensitive eyes. Never had their eyes burn which was a very common problem with other removers. Love the scent!!

Lash remover

This works great, didn’t experience any eye sensitivity from using it on sensitive clients!